• Not Today (Jill's Song)4:50

In July of 2014,  my little sister, Jill Marie was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer.  Leaving our families in place, she and I relocated to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland for what became a 2 year journey.

During our time together, I kept a journal, chronicling Jill's battle. 

In June of 2016, my sister made the ultimate difficult decision and relocated to Hendersonville, Tennessee to be with family.  Jill Marie passed on September 7, 2016.

This is my first song and it follows Jill's battle from the summer of 2015 until the day she stopped treatment.   

Thank you Mike Waldron for 

being a part of Jill's song.  



​​​​"Not Today, (Jill's Song)"

​​Not Today (Jill's Song)