• My Time In The Sand3:26
  • One More New Year2:40
  • The Experiment4:02
  • Walk With Me2:34

My 2nd EP, ​"Songs from the Big Parade" is a quartet of songs that speak to how quickly life can change.  Do not take the journey for granted.

Kevin Suhr, Lead Vocals   -   Guitars, Mike Waldron & Alice Bateman   -   Alice C. Bateman, Backing Vocals   -   Production, Don Kerce

​​​from the 

My mother decided that my sister and I should be in the annual celebration's parade to help promote the families new business.

​​Kewanee, Illinois, 1975;  It was the annual Pork Festival and my father had just opened a small Real Estate company in town.

Even a beagle "nose" to buy or sell their

home with

​Heritage Real Estate!"

I am honored to work with my good friend and mentor, Alice C. Bateman. One More New Year              is about the fresh chance that each new year brings us; an opportunity to truly live and love as we all should.  Coming into a new season, it's time to make change.  


from the 

Big Parade

Big Parade

Kevin Suhr


​​​​“My Time in the Sand”           is based on the Jimmy Buffet album, “A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean“. My father brought this album home in the fall of 1973.  It was such a different direction than the usual albums my parents listened to. It opened my sister and I up to a whole new world of music. This song is dedicated to Paul Pozorski; one of the last true troubadours.

Once again, I had the opportunity to work with my friend and mentor, Alice C. Bateman on our new song, ​​"Walk With Me" 
This song is about our parents and their their journeys together.  

The summer of 1983;  I was going to be a senior in high school and was able to participate in the 4-H Citizenship Program held in Washington DC. 
I was so full of optimism.  I knew public service was what I wanted to do for a living.  After College, I went to work for the Governors Office of Economic Development in South Dakota.  I have had a great career that includes positions in government, real estate, education and manual labor. 
Now days, not so much.
  "The Experiment" ppp   deals with my dissatisfaction in our leaders; both Republicans and Democrats.