On a cold evening In November of 2015, my sister and I were visiting Baltimore. On our walk home from a dinner cruise, Jill Marie and I met a young man who was homeless.              

is a loose rendition of his story.  
​This song is co-written by Mike Hutchens 

​In July of 2014,  my little sister, Jill Marie was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer.  Leaving our families in place, she and I relocated to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland for what became a 2 year journey.   Jill Marie passed on September 7, 2016.                                                         

​is the story of her fight.​​

Throughout my life, I have met numerous families and individuals that are doing everything they can to just make ends meet.  It seems in life, that people are judged before a first impression can even be made.  I have seen how challenging that can be.                              reflects on some of their stories.

                      is           the last song Mike Hutchens and I worked on together  before he unexpectedly passed to heaven on September 15, 2019.  Mike was a teacher, mentor, co-writer  ​and friend.  ​I miss him dearly.

  • "Best of Me (Proverbs 18:24)" remake4:36
  • Not Today (Jill's Song)4:50
  • Second Chance3:30
  • Treat Every Day Like Christmas4:17
  • The Enemy5:10

Kevin Suhr, Lead Vocals     -     Mike Hutchens, Music and Guitar      -      Mike Waldron, Guitar     -     Annie Mosher, Backing Vocals    -     Don Kerce, Production

                                                                  started with a family I met last Christmas that that had fallen on hard times. While witnessing their struggle, I was reminded how kind people can be. 
​​Thank you so much to Mike Waldron for your guitar expertise. I am always honored to work with you.

My first EP, “Ghost in the Town” is a collection of 5 songs that tell the story of my little sister's fight against cervical cancer, including the years following her passing.​

First EP, "Ghost in the Town"